Say goodbye to your problems and say hello to efficiency!

Capture and Monitor production output hour by hour from a tablet.

Information is power and iGO&Track puts that power in your hand wherever you are.



  •  Create discipline in capturing information every hour.
  • It generates automatic reports at the start of the shift and at the end of the day and distributes them automatically in PDF format.
  • It allows you to know the production status at any time from any mobile device.
  • Easily create digital boards for any work shift.

  • Set individual goals for each hour.

  • Capture both production output and the reasons that affected the area.


Customize your boards.

Information is power, and iGo&Track puts that power in your hands, wherever you are.

It’s time to capture production.

Digitize your boards.

Receive an hourly notification and capture your production.

Access your dashboards from your computer or cellphone in real-time.

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Our applications are available to you
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