Say goodbye to your problems and say hello to efficiency!

Designed to ensure immediate response to the production line, you can view online the level of internal service between departments, and ensure the efficiency and productivity of your critical areas.


Generate and receive ANDON signals from any mobile device and ensure immediate production support.

  • A mechanism for production to ask for help when something interferes with the process of adding value is vital to maintaining high levels of productivity, quality and safety.

That is the purpose of an ANDON system and the new 4.0 technologies such as iGo&Tell allow you to implement a system easily, quickly and with low investment, with iGo&Tell You will be able to:

Ensure that the distress signal reaches the person who should respond.

Ensure that the person in charge attended the signal by going to the problem area.

Measure the times of response to every request for help.

Scale the help signal when it is not provided in time.

Measure the performance of your Andon system

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