The best way to build discipline in your organization

Standar Work for Leaders , Regulatory Audits, 5S's and Safety Audits.

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The perfect tool to help you avoid these very common problems:

  • Lack of compliance with quality regulation
  • Quality problems for not following standards
  • Fail to sustain improvements
  • Manage in continuous firefighting mode


Mobile solutions are the industry's future.

Create, manage and execute your audits for compliance of regulation, or your Standard Work for Leaders , in an intuitive and easy way.


Our mobile app, required for executing the audits, works on both iOS and Android, thus minimizing the need for hardware investment. Learn more.

How it Works


Build your own Gemba Walks, checklists and more.

iGo&See allows you to program Gemba Walks, create specific checklists, and setup your audits to take place at a scheduled time.


All New Suite

The Perfect Gemba Walk companion.

Now integrating Virtual Red Tag and Yellow Tag system to help you efectively follow up preventive and corrective actions detected on Gembas. All built into a new Software Suite

Globally supported

This new suite integrates all of iGo&See© powerfull features and adds the new iGo&Tag© platform to create the ultimate tool . Learn more.


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Secure connections. Every single request is routed through HTTPS.

Cloud based. Your data is securely stored, with several layers of encryption.

Mobile apps. Includes as many iOS and Android app copies as you need for your entire company


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